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Eyeliner hacks you should try

Written by Chelsea Tromans


Compared to all the skincare gadgets and bizarre beauty tools out there, eyeliner looks pretty straightforward and simple. But don’t underestimate this makeup staple - there’s more to this product than meets the eye. It can take a little practice to master your eyeliner application. There are also plenty of handy tricks worth knowing to cleverly use your eyeliner to overhaul your look. In this eyeliner guide we dive into some of the top tips for using eyeliner to take you from beginner to pro status.


Nailing the application

Eyeliner requires a steady hand, which is easier said than done. A great little trick for achieving a straighter line is to place your elbow on a flat surface. This helps stop your hand from wobbling too much, which will result in a more perfect line. Also, try looking down into a mirror rather than straight ahead. This helps prevent your lashes from blocking your view of your lash line.

For those still getting the hang of using a liquid eyeliner like Napoleon Perdis Matte Eye Ink, first draw a few dots along the lash line, then join them up one by one. This saves you from having to draw a continuous straight line in one fell swoop - a technique that can take practice.


Fixing up mistakes

Eyeliner can be super fiddly so mistakes are inevitable from time to time (or all the time, if you’re just starting out!). It pays to know a few tricks for a quick and easy clean up that doesn’t require you to start completely from scratch every time. Dip a pointed cotton swab in micellar water to remove any wayward smudges. Or, use a dab of concealer and a flat makeup brush to cover up mishaps. When all else fails, consider turning your sharp eyeliner look into a smoky version by blending out your edges (and mistakes!) for a purposely imperfect lived-in vibe.


Creating a more natural look

There are times when you want your eyeliner to look super slick and sharp; but sometimes you just want to accentuate your eyes without going overboard, in which case you’ll want a softer, natural-looking finish. Swapping out a black eyeliner for a brown shade will help. An ashy tone is flattering on most eye colours and eye shapes. Another option is to adopt the tightlining technique. This is when you apply eyeliner to the inside of your lash line. The effect is more ‘invisible’: you get the definition from lining your eyes but it’s not obvious that you have eyeliner on.

Top tip: A creamy eye pencil will help create a softer edge than a liquid eyeliner.


How to achieve a bold liner look

In the mood for a dramatic eye makeup look? Liquid eyeliner is the go-to formula for a sharp, precise line. Alternatively, a thick kohl eyeliner crayon with a rich colour payoff will deliver maximum impact if you’d prefer a sultry ‘slept in’ vibe.

You can also create a custom eyeliner by dipping a wet brush into an eyeshadow colour of your choice. The wetness will intensify the colour and give you a more precise application.


Perfecting a winged eyeliner

Ah, winged eyeliner! Until you master it, it can be pretty daunting. But the eye-lifting benefits of a well-placed flick in the outer corner of your eye is worth putting in the time and effort to learn how to do. First, start with a great product. We love the rich black pigment and fine tip on the Napoleon Perdis Neo Noir Liquid Eyeliner. Until you get the hang of drawing your flick in one swift movement, start by drawing your flick first. Also, try drawing your wing backwards: Rather than drawing from the outside of your eye towards your temple, start where you want your flick to end and draw towards the corner of your eye. For a thicker wing, draw the outline first (mark a triangle shape at the outer edge) then colour it in.


Enhancing your eye shape

If you want to play up your eyes, get strategic with your eyeliner application. For down-turned eyes, stop your eyeliner a millimetre or two just before the outer corners of your eyes. By not accentuating where your eyes turn down you can create the illusion of more lifted eyes. Make small eyes appear wider by using a nude eyeliner along the bottom lash line. And for those who have deep set or hooded eyes, stick to a thinner eyeliner look as thickly drawn on eyeliner can make your eyes look small and receded.

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