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How to beat the winter blues

Written by Chelsea Tromans


Here in Australia, we’re not the biggest fans of winter. The shorter days, crisp weather, and winter sniffles just don’t have the same allure of summer. Give us beach weather and balmy nights any day of the week. So, when the temperature drops, often we feel those winter blues creep in.

Before you make plans to hibernate the season away, try these tricks for a happier winter ahead.


Say yes to self-care

The cold winter weather offers the perfect guilt-free excuse to stay at home. Make the most of your time (sorry, binging on Netflix doesn’t count!) by indulging in a weekly - or daily - self-care routine. Slipping into a hot bath, lighting a luxe candle, and applying a face mask are all tried and true rituals that will leave you relaxed. Another great option that will benefit your state of mind and your skin is a mini face massage. Every time you apply your serum or face oil, take the time to purposely massage it into your skin. It will help the formula absorb better - thus improving its effectiveness - and the slow ritual will leave you feeling calm and revitalised. 

What you need: Minenssey Flannel Flower Absolute


Find an uplifting fragrance

The perfume you wear has the power to set the tone for your day. So make sure you update your fragrance wardrobe with each season. We’re often drawn to heady, rich fragrances in winter, but just be careful - these moody scents may be bringing you down. Look for more uplifting notes like citrus, florals (jasmine is a good option), and coffee, or something warm and spicy like cloves and pepper. Find what works for you: We all have those individual scents that spark different emotions and memories. Maybe it’s the smell of fresh linen that puts a smile on your face (and has you dreaming of a cosy bed on a cold winter’s day!).


Stay healthy

Eating well, getting enough sleep and keeping active are all important steps to staying healthy during cold and flu season. A well-balanced diet high in nutrients will help nourish your body. Top up with the usual immunity-boosting go-tos like vitamin C, echinacea, and zinc. Manuka honey is another top choice for winter as it offers antibacterial properties. It’s also easy to add to your winter comfort foods, like porridge or tea.

What you need: Bee+ Manuka Honey UMF20+


Savour the little things

Set aside some ‘me’ time every day. The smallest of self-indulgent moments can help you reset and connect with your inner self. It could be something as simple as making a cuppa, or sipping a glass of red wine by an open fire (you can find a great drop or two here). The lack of sunshine during winter is a common cause for winter blues. Find that nook in your house where the morning sun pours in to read a book.


Wear more colour

Winter’s dreary weather has a way of subconsciously impacting our makeup palettes. Black, shades of grey and rich berry colours are commonplace during the colder months. But those gloomy days are when we need the power of colour the most. Colour has the ability to influence our overall mood. Certain colours are thought to have unique therapeutic value and some are able to boost our mood. Scientists have found that looking at warm colours like pink and red release the feel-good hormone dopamine. So go ahead and swipe on a bright lipstick and capitalise on those happy vibes.

What you need: Napoleon Perdis Mattetastic Lipstick

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