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How to improve your mornings

Written by Chelsea Tromans


Not a morning person? We hear you. Finding the motivation to get up and go can be tough when the alternative (staying in bed!) is a lot more cosy and warm. But a good start to your morning can set the tone for the day and help you be more productive.

Try these simple steps to improving your mornings so you get the most out of your days.


Stop hitting the snooze button

Do you set your alarm at night with the best intentions of getting up early only to wake up and convince yourself to squeeze in ‘just 10 more minutes’ of sleep...over and over again? Hitting snooze can quickly become a bad habit. You’re better off deciding the night before exactly what time you want and need to get up and stick to the plan. If you need help breaking the ‘snooze’ cycle, put your alarm clock (or phone) on the other side of the room so you have to physically get up and out of bed to turn it off.


Wait until you get to work to check your emails

Technology has its perks, but it also has its downfalls. Feeling like you need to be switched on and reachable 24/7 can leave you feeling stressed and burnt out. Ask yourself: “Do I really need to respond to this email at 7am, or can it wait until I get into the office at 9am?” Chances are, it’s the latter. Getting distracted by your emails can potentially derail your productivity to actually get work done. If you find you are your most productive first thing in the morning, concentrate on ticking things off your to-do list before you even open your emails.

Another tip: Don’t check your emails just before bed either!


But first, coffee

Feel like you can’t face the day without a cup of coffee? You are not alone! But why not consider boosting your morning cuppa with the addition of marine collagen? One sachet of Vida Glow’s Original Marine Collagen contains 3000mg of sustainably sourced collagen, which can help improve skin radiance and firmness. It’s also flavourless so it won’t compromise the taste of your coffee. Not a coffee drinker? Just stir a sachet into your cereal or smoothie each morning.


Don’t skip breakfast

You’re not going to be your best if you’re running on empty, so stop skipping breakfast. If the reason you don’t have breakfast every day is because you’re worried about the time it takes to prepare, look for convenient options that don’t compromise on nutrition. eimele Kakadu, Pineapple & Coconut Porridge is a whole food meal replacement option that’s nutritious, delicious and easy to prepare and consume - regardless of whether you have time to sit and enjoy it or need to eat it on the go.


Apply a face mask

Do you normally reserve your mask sessions for the evenings when you want to wind down for the night? While a face mask can be a wonderful pampering treat after a long day, if you want to put your best face forward for the day ahead a face mask in the morning may help. Masks like Minenssey Hydrating Clay Mask feature powerful nutrients that can help nourish your skin and deliver instant radiant results. Now the rest of the world can see your beautiful glow rather than wasting it on a night in.

Application tip: Ideally, apply your face mask and sit and mediate for the 15-minute application time. If you don’t have the luxury of time, pop your mask on post-shower then go and have breakfast while you wait.


Tackle the hardest thing on your to-do list first

We’re all guilty of putting the things we want to do ahead of the things we’re dreading. But the longer you put off those hard jobs, the more they can weigh on your mind and interfere with your overall productivity. Try knocking off the hardest task in your day first up when your mind is fresh and you have the whole day ahead of you to get it done. After that, everything else on your to-do list will feel like a breeze!

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