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How to perk up tired-looking eyes

Written by Chelsea Tromans


Some days you just wake up looking tired. Maybe it’s because you lost track of time while binging on Netflix last night and didn’t get the recommended eight hours of sleep. Perhaps you slept like a baby and still woke up looking a little ‘meh’. It happens to the best of us.

For times like any of these when you just need to get up and get on with your day, makeup is your friend. Here’s how to cleverly use your everyday makeup staples to create the illusion of bright eyes.


Strategically apply your eyeshadow

There are so many clever ways you can use eyeshadow to create different looks and effects. When hiding signs of tiredness is on the agenda, start with a wash of a neutral matte eyeshadow over the entire lid. This will help counteract any redness or telltale discoloration that tends to creep in after a bad night’s sleep. 

Next, use your eyeshadow to create the look of wider eyes. After you’ve applied your neutral base, layer an illuminating ivory shade over the top to instantly brighten. Then, use a beige hue on the outer half of your eyelids, from the centre to the outside corner. Now blend a deeper colour - using a fluffy eyeshadow brush - into the outer corner in a tiny ‘V’ shape. This step adds definition at the edge of the eye to open up the eye shape. Finish with mascara for that beautiful bambi-eye effect.


Resist the urge to pile on the under-eye concealer

Concealer is a godsend for hiding imperfections, but less really is more when it comes to the eye area. The last thing you want to do is end up with cakey coverage. A light, creamy concealer that blends easily without settling into lines is your friend on tired days. Also, look for one with illuminating particles (the type that adds a twinkle in your eye rather than anything too glittery) to help brighten up your under-eye area even further. We like Napoleon Perdis CTRL + Concealer because it has a colour correcting formula with light-diffusing pigments and provides light to medium coverage that sets to a semi-matte finish.


Get crafty with your eyeliner application

Eyeliner has a habit of making eyes appear smaller when drawn on thickly along the top and bottom lash lines. Instead, keep your application thin on the upper lid only and add in a winged flick at the outer corner to open up the look of your eyes. Napoleon Perdis Matte Eye Ink has a super-fine pointed tip to help you nail a precise application.


Draw focus to your other features

When your eyes look tired, the last thing you want to do is draw attention to them by going overboard with your eye makeup. Instead, implement the art of misdirection by playing up your other facial features. A swipe of a bold lipstick (Napoleon Perdis Mattetastic Lipstick in Ginger is a great option) will take the attention away from your eyes and plant them smack bang on your pretty pout. Additionally, softly defined brows will help draw attention up and away from your eyes. Use Napoleon Perdis Eyebrow Pencil to fill in and shape your brows for a natural-looking (but eye-catching) finish.


Blush to brighten your complexion

A little warmth throughout your complexion will help soften the dreary tones that tired eyes tend to cast. Opt for a rosy blush that has a hint of gold flecks in the formula - it’s the ideal shade to counteract those blue hues under your weary eyes. Napoleon Perdis Blush Patrol fits the brief perfectly.

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