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Interview: Kate Squires, Principal Makeup Artist at Napoleon Perdis

Written by Victoria Chong


When you’re around makeup all day, every day, you’re bound to pick up a few nifty tricks. Add to that access to some of the top makeup products around and you’re sure to have a curated collection of the best of the best in your own daily routine. We interviewed Napoleon Perdis Head of Creative and Principal Makeup Artist, Kate Squires to find out the makeup products she uses every day and her top trick of the trade.


On her makeup routine…

“After skincare, I like to add a little luminosity with Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Brightening Skin Primer, applying it where I want to get the skin looking a little extra plump, like the centre of the forehead, tops of the cheekbones, around the lips and on the chin. On days when I don’t need much coverage, I’ll use a BB cream for a sheer tint and radiant glow. When I desire more coverage, I’ll use Stroke of Genius Liquid Cashmere Foundation. I then conceal dark circles and brighten the eye area with a concealer, making sure to also use it on blemishes and other discolouration. From there, grooming my brows is a must: I’ll add a little definition with Napoleon Perdis Eyebrow Pencil in Toffee, and then hold my unruly brow hairs in place with a brow styling soap.

My go-to dailies for colour are the Cheek Switch Crème Blush Stick in one of the three shades pending my mood, and some mascara. I love a little creamy colour on my cheeks to awaken my face and a good lick of mascara always opens the eyes. From there, it’s a lip oil or gloss to finish, or a pop of colour like the Mattetastic Lipstick in Bette or Rita. Rose or terracotta hues are my go-to shades: for me they feel sensual and feminine, perfect for a little empowerment.”


On how to take a makeup look from day to night…

“Intensity - be it on the eye, lips or cheeks, or a mixture of them;, a change in intensity is what’s going to see the biggest transformation in your look. Dial up the eyes with a deeper shadow smudge across the lash lines, add a little extra blush or bronzer to the cheeks, or go from a sheer gloss to a bold lipstick colour. Intensity doesn’t need to result in a dramatic look, it’s more about dialling up the depth of your application or colour choice.”


On what makes her feel beautiful…

“Feeling well and healthy, and when my skin is glowing. I can take or leave colour and definition in my look, but plump, juicy skin is a must.”


On her favourite makeup trick…

“Using gentle amounts of concealer to brighten and define the face at the end of your beauty routine. It helps to clean everything up, acting almost like a finishing filter to smooth and perfect. I like to apply it on the centre of the face: under the eyes, beside the nose, on the centre of the chin, and a little above the brows.”


On how she makes time for herself…

“Carving out time is a must, otherwise it’s easy to let work, scrolling, and life take over. During my morning routine is when I try to get my time in to ensure I’ve connected with myself before starting the day. I try an hour each morning, broken into 20-minute brackets utilising different tools like meditation, reading, connecting with my desires through affirmation, and stretching my body.”


On the last thing that brought her joy…

“I try to ensure that I do something daily that truly brings me joy, no matter how small. Joy is a part of life that’s so easily neglected if we’re not consciously allowing it into our day. Today, it was spending time by the ocean and soaking up the morning sun.”


On her go-to snack…

“I’m not much of a snacker. Generally, if I find myself hungry between meals it’s a sign of dehydration, so I’ll have a big drink of water. Can water be considered a snack?!”


On who inspires her…

“I’m not someone that draws to a single point of inspiration: different people inspire me in different ways depending on the connection I have with them, and this changes and evolves as I grow. My current inspiration is a group of women in my personal life who I mountain bike ride with. The encouragement, support, kindness, and entertainment they provide on and off the bike is just invigorating.”   


On what the rest of the year holds…

“Hopefully time with my immediate family, and friends that I consider family who live in different cities to me. COVID lockdowns have meant not being able to spend any time with my loved ones, so getting in some quality time is a big priority for me."


On her favourite little luxury…

“Quality food and skincare. I love food, so being able to experiment with quality ingredients at home or trying a new restaurant feels luxurious. Active skincare that shows instant results: there’s nothing like it!”

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