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Your top feminine hygiene wash questions answered

Written by Chelsea Tromans


While many of us are seasoned pros at taking good care of our skin, we often forget to put the same onus on other aspects of our lives. The self-care movement has thankfully shed light on the importance of looking after our mental wellbeing, especially during these unprecedented pandemic times. It’s a big step in the right direction, but you could still be doing more to take better care of yourself. One area that you probably haven’t given much thought to is feminine hygiene. It’s not a glamorous subject, but it is one worth discussing.


What is a feminine vaginal wash?

Feminine vaginal washes are cleansing products that help clean and balance the pH of your vaginal area to keep it healthy. They are designed to be around the vulva only (aka the exterior of the vagina), not internally.


Are feminine hygiene washes safe?

While vaginas are self-cleaning and don’t need a helping hand, feminine hygiene washes can be a safe way to clean, refresh and restore the bacterial balance of the vulva. Feminine hygiene washes are formulated to help balance your pH, minimise odour-causing bacteria, and gently cleanse. (Psst… it’s best to first consult your doctor before using a feminine hygiene wash to find out if it’s right for you.)

As there’s a risk that some of the wash may end up in the vagina, it’s important to choose a gentle formula. Avoid ones that contain soap, parabens, and artificial fragrances as they may irritate the delicate skin around the vagina.

Tip: Opt for a feminine hygiene wash that’s dermatologically- or gynecologically-tested.


Can I use a feminine wash while pregnant?

Feminine washes can be used during pregnancy, but it is recommended that you talk to your healthcare professional first.


How often can I use a feminine hygiene wash?

Cleaning the vulva should be a part of your daily hygiene routine, and a feminine hygiene wash can play a great supporting role. Savar Safe & Gentle Fem Wash is a ph-balanced natural feminine hygiene wash formulated with plant-based ingredients that work to delicately cleanse without causing irritation.

Feminine hygiene washes are designed to be used every day, however, if you experience any irritation, stop use immediately and seek medical advice.

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