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Meet Sávar: The cult beauty brand founded in New Zealand

Written by Chelsea Tromans


New Zealand is known for its stunning landscapes and strong affinity with nature. So it’s no surprise that many skincare brands made in NZ are synonymous with botanical ingredients and simple yet effective formulas. Sávar is one such example; we’re obsessed with its luxurious collection of premium, highly concentrated products.

Don’t be fooled by its French name, which is derived from the greeting ‘ça va’ and means ‘the act of giving a sign of welcome’; Sávar is lovingly made in New Zealand. Founded 10 years ago, Sávar is driven by a desire to ‘provide thoughtful beauty solutions that meet the needs of the ever-changing modern world’.

Here’s why you need to add this New Zealand-made skincare brand to your regimen:


The power of nature

Committed to merging modern technologies with Mother Nature, this skincare brand draws upon the quality and purity of locally sourced botanicals to deliver real results to your skin, without causing irritation.

Additionally, some of the fragrances used in its formulas come from botanicals, including natural oil blends and extracts.


Expert approved

takes its commitment to caring for your skin seriously. That’s why its range is dermatologically tested and considered safe for use by all skin types. Yes, even sensitive skin. To satisfy this distinguished stamp of approval, its products are tested by QACS, the Challenge Test Lab - a quality assurance and quality control Green-based cmpany that provides contract laboratory testing services to cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. 

Sávar is proudly a cruelty-free brand, too.


Small acts of self-care

More than just superior formulations, Sávar places emphasis on the ritual of applying your skincare. Most of us get caught up in our busy lifestyles and forget to enjoy the moment - and pamper ourselves every once in a while. Sávar’s range of skincare products are easy to use, but that doesn’t mean you should rush through your routine. Sávar encourages its customers to take time out for self-care, and to use your daily skincare session as an opportunity to gently unwind from the stresses of life.

VTN SELF-CARE RITUAL: Once a week at night after cleansing with the Luxury Face Wash, close your eyes and generously mist your face with the Sávar Instant Boost Multi Toner. Take a deep breath and allow the delicate fragrance of the soothing plant-based toner to calm you. Next, add a few drops of the Rosehip Ultra Brightening Serum into the palm of your hand and rub your hands together. Press your hands over your face with a gentle pressure before massaging the face oil into your skin. As you leave it to absorb for two minutes, close your eyes once again and free your mind of all the stresses of your day. Now, apply a generous layer of the Gentle Hydrating Antioxidant Moisture Mask over your face. Instead of washing it off after 20 minutes, leave it on overnight for an extra hydration boost.

Keen to try something from this brand? Shop the Sávar skincare range here.

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