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Places you never thought to apply highlighter

Written by Chelsea Tromans


Well hello there, cheekbones! Sometimes your best features need a helping hand to shine - that’s where highlighter comes in. It’s a makeup must-have for bringing your cheeks to the forefront so they stand out. But it’s not just your cheeks that can benefit from the radiant effects of a highlighting powder. If you want your favourite assets to get noticed, then go ahead and sweep a little illuminating dust over it. Here are four places you never thought to apply highlighter, but should!


Your Cupid’s bow

Unless you’re wearing a bold shade of lipstick, chances are your pout rarely gets much attention. But your natural lips can be a beautiful asset and deserve to be front and centre. To make them pop, and to enhance their curves, dust a light layer of highlighting powder at your Cupid’s bow. The Cupid’s bow is where your lips form a little ‘v’ at the centre of your top lip. Use your finger to apply the highlighter for an effortless ‘undone’ vibe. Smudge and blend it just above the ‘v’ (on your skin, not your lips).

Bonus: Highlighting your Cupid’s bow can also make your pout appear fuller.


The bridge of your nose

Now, your nose may not be your favourite feature so you have probably never considered putting highlighter on it, but hear us out. Capturing attention isn’t highlighter’s only trick: it can also work to bounce around light, effectively manipulating the shape of your nose. Want your nose to appear thinner? Try applying your luminiser down the bridge of your nose. Don’t forget to blend so the line isn’t too harsh. To elongate the look of your nose, blend highlighter onto the tip. 


Your collarbone

There’s something so alluring about the contours of a collarbone. When wearing clothes that show off your collarbone, such as an off-the-shoulders knit or a scoop-neck dress, accentuate their presence by sweeping a highlighting powder over the ridges. As the light catches the reflective pigments in the powder, it will bring out the area beautifully. You can also highlight the tops of your shoulders for the same eye-catching effect.


The centre of your eyelids

Our eyes naturally gravitate towards other people’s eyes, but between dark eyeshadow shades and actual dark circles under the eyes, it can feel like you’re fighting a losing battle when it comes to making your eyes appear bright and well-rested. Highlighter can help. A dose of illuminator on the centre of your eyelids has a way of making your eyes seemingly twinkle as light bounces off it.

Ready to bring your best features into the spotlight? You’ll need a great highlighter to get the job done. Napoleon Perdis Highlight Patrol is our go-to. The baked powder illuminates anything it touches with its shimmering champagne colour and light reflective pigments.

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