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Why you should slow down your skincare routine

Written by Chelsea Tromans


What’s the rush? We are always in such a hurry to get from A to B or complete tasks on our to-do lists that sometimes we forget to stop and smell the roses. Remembering to be in the moment can support your mental wellbeing, not to mention help you appreciate the things that matter, regardless of how small and insignificant they may seem. Your skincare routine is a prime example.

We invest a lot of money into our skincare regimens, but how much time are you investing in it? Here’s why you should consider slowing down your skincare routine.


Skincare should be an enjoyable experience

While caring for your complexion with quality products is important for skin health, don’t think of applying your skincare as a chore. Think of it as a daily indulgence. For those 10 minutes it takes to cleanse, treat and protect your skin, you are doing something special for yourself. It’s not just the physical results - skincare is a sensorial event, too. Rather than rushing through each application, be present during each step. Take stock of how your moisturiser feels as you massage it into your skin. Breathe in the aromatic notes of your cleanser as you clean away the day. And bask in those glowing skin results when you’re done!


It may help you to unwind

Self-care is something we only make time for every once in a while. But your skincare ritual should form part of your daily self-care practice. It’s a chance to step away from technology and distractions and focus on pampering yourself. By not rushing through the process, you’re giving yourself a chance to appreciate the experience and feel good about the attention that you may otherwise neglect to give yourself. When you start treating your skincare routine like a gift to yourself, suddenly you’re practicing self-care twice a day.

There are ways to unwind during your beauty regimen beyond sitting still while you leave your Minenssey Brightening Clay Mask on for 15 minutes. Make your application rhythmic and purposeful. Think about where you’re applying each product and why. As you massage in each formula, think about what you are thankful for that day. If you do this regularly, you will start to associate your skincare routine with happy thoughts, which can set you up for a positive mindset for the day ahead. Alternatively, as you instinctually go through your skincare steps, use the time to free up your mind to practice mindfulness.


You could reap additional benefits from your products

When we rush our skincare, we often neglect to properly work the products into our skin or give them time to sink in before layering on the next formulation. Giving each product the time and attention it deserves will help ensure it’s able to do its job properly. The act of massaging products into your face can also be beneficial. It may relieve muscle tension and offers a relaxing ritual that can help you calm down and enjoy the ‘me’ time, regardless of whether it’s only for 20 seconds, five minutes or more.


3 skincare products to help you slow down your routine

Whenever you need a pick-me-up during the day, treat your skin to a refreshing spritz of Savar Instant Boost Multi Toner. Let the plant-based formula’s beautiful botanical fragrance soothe your senses while its hydrating ingredients care for your complexion.

Apply BEAN BODY Bee My Manuka Coffee Scrub with slow, gentle, circular motions from your ankles all the way up to your shoulders. When you catch a whiff of its amazing honey and coffee scent, you won’t want the pamper session to stop!

One of our favourite stretch mark creams in Australia, Lovekins Restoring Stretch Mark Oil will leave your skin feeling nourished and nurtured. Massaging it in will help the stretch mark oil to sink deeper into your skin. Your mindset will also feel calm once you breathe in the luxurious scent of lavender, mandarin orange and neroli essential oils.

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