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Interview: Amanda Essery, Founder of Lovekins

Written by Victoria Chong


Even more incredible than the Lovekins brand itself is the woman behind it! Founder Amanda Essery recently had a conversation with VTN where we managed to get a little insight into this inspirational woman and her priorities. Read on to discover more.


On her inspiration behind founding Lovekins…

My family and homeland, the Northern Territory, truly inspired me to start my own brand. Lovekins was created conceptually in 2012, when I was pregnant with my son Ethan. In fear of my child being exposed to toxic chemicals in skincare and household products, I attended a natural skincare making course. I started creating my own remedies from my kitchen with Indigenous bush extracts from my hometown, such as Kakadu Plum and Blue Cypress. In 2014, my second child, Heidi, was born with eczema. While the prescribed steroid-based medication failed to help manage Heidi’s skin long term, she thrived on the natural preparations that I made.

That was the moment I knew that if I could help my own child, I could potentially help many more.


On her beauty routine…

I religiously take a teaspoon of pure Kakadu Plum powder twice a day to keep my body and skin protected. This is also the hero ingredient of the Lovekins brand, and is sourced directly from the Northern Territory. I also make sure that I exercise regularly and nourish my soul with home cooked, healthy meals.


On her skincare routine…

I cleanse with a gentle non-foaming wash, hydrate with the Lovekins Baby Face Cream, and protect with the Lovekins SPF 30 Sunscreen. SPF is a non-negotiable! I also like to exfoliate twice a week with a plant-based scrub to keep my skin smooth. I believe that our bodies deserve as much care and attention as we give to our faces. The stretch marks on me are kind reminders of how strong my body is to nurture two beautiful children. I apply our Lovekins Stretch Mark Cream during the day and Lovekins Stretch Mark Oil at night after a shower and while my skin is still damp.


On 5 things you’ll always find in her bag…

Lipstick, concealer, pressed powder, Lovekins SOS Cream and Lovekins Sanitary Pads.


On her biggest career milestone…

Being able to build up a team that I love and not have to work as a one-man band!


On how she balances work and life…

My answer is to know your purpose. I love what I am doing professionally so much that it has become a huge part of my identity and personal life. For me, finding a balance is not about separating work and life; it’s about feeling invigorated by what I’m doing every day, and knowing that I am giving back to the community when I can. That is my balance.


On the most fulfilling thing about being a mother…

I love watching them develop their own personalities, and I find it most fulfilling to grow with them – learning to navigate the unknown and learn from pushing and setting boundaries together. I love instilling good values in them so that they can eventually become valued members of society.


On her biggest guilty pleasure…



On how she defines ‘feeling beautiful’…

To me, feeling beautiful is knowing that you care and can help change someone’s life for the better.


On her favourite ways to improve wellness in her life…

Wellness is so important for all of us trying our best to balance our career, family, and personal life. When I’m not working, I enjoy learning more about nature, ingredients, and new trends in the natural living space. Recently, my children and I started a small veggie patch in the garden. Celebrating the simple moments is how I stay grounded."

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